Why is a volunteer not receiving a confirmation email?

The three most common reasons for email failure are:

  1. The volunteer provided a bad or misspelled address
  2. The email was delivered to a spam or junk-mail folder
  3. The volunteers retrieving email system is using an anti-spam product based on a challenge/response mechanism that ivolunteer.com’s automated email system cannot respond to.

If #1 is the case, please have your volunteer retry with the correct email address.  If #2 or #3 are the case, please try to configure your spam filter to not flag email form ivolunteer.com as spam.  One way to do this is by adding ivolunteer.com to your email system’s white list.  FInally, you can also try using a different email address.  The ivolunteer.com staff is constantly working to ensure the highest possible reliability of email delivery.