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Features FREE Subscription
STANDARD Subscription
PREMIUM Subscription
Volunteers Unlimited sign-ups for 15 participants * Unlimited sign-ups for choice of maximum 50, 100, 200, or 500 participants * Unlimited sign-ups for choice of maximum 1000, 5000 or 10,000 participants *
Administrators 1 Up to 5 Unlimited
Subscription Duration 30 Days
Unlimited Renewals †
Choice of 30 Days, 60 Days, 6 Months, 1 Year or 2 Years Choice of 6 months, 1 Year or 2 Years
Events(Sign-Up Sheets) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dates, Tasks & Sign-Up Slots within Events Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Highly Customizable Sign-Up Sheet Layout & Terminology      
Waiting Lists (General or Slot-Specific-Automatic) 2 Lists per Event 2 Lists per Event Unlimited
Easy for Participants – No Login Required (Authentication by Email)      
Mobile & Desktop Sign-Ups      
Personal Mobile Site for each Participant to Track Commitments / Hours      
Home Pages to Organize Events 1 Up to 20 Up to 20
Custom Prompts in Sign-Up 2 per Event Unlimited Unlimited
Copy Events & Tasks for Reuse and Time Savings      
Send or Schedule Custom Reminder & Thank You Emails    
Send or Schedule Custom Emails to Promote Events  
Email Limit Up to 250 Up to between 2,000 and 82,000 depending on choices at checkout. Up to between 23,000 and 680,000 depending on choices at checkout.
Custom Links to Events      
Hidden and Passworded Events      
Settings to Limit, Restrict & Disallow Conflicting Sign-Ups      
Reverse Sign-Ups (Administrator signs-up participants who can self-cancel)      
Various Color Schemes      
Upload Logos, Images & Documents      
Reports Includes Sign-Up, Sign-In, Participation, Progress reports in HTML & PDF formats Run 10+ reports across multiple events in HTML, PDF & Excel formats Run, save or schedule (to email) reports across multiple events in HTML, PDF & Excel formats
Attendance Tracking & Electronic Sign-In    
Track Hours and/or Points  
Override per participant at sign-in
Override per participant at sign-in
Participant Database      
Database Participant Groups      
Database Import / Export      
Add Custom Fields to Database Up to 10
Link Event Custom Prompts to Database Fields    
Take Payments at Sign-Up  

Through Your PayPal or Stripe Account
Detailed Activity Log      
Your Data is Safe & Private      
We will never display ads, email market to, or share your participants      
Customer Support By Email By Email & Phone By Email & Phone with Priority plus Limited Consulting
Price Free Calculated at checkout by duration and maximum volunteers selected. For example, starting price for 30 days is $20, 6 months is $60, or 1 year is $90. Calculated at checkout by duration and maximum volunteers selected. For example, starting price for 6 months is $175 and 1 year is $250.


* Volunteers are counted by the number of participants in your database. As volunteers sign-up for the first time they are added to your database. Sign-ups are never cut off even when you reach a subscription’s expiration or volunteer “limit.” Only certain administrative features are disabled until you either remove participants from the database or upgrade the subscription. Since removing participants from the database does not remove their sign-ups from events, you technically have unlimited volunteer sign-ups with all of the subscriptions including the free subscription. In other words the volunteer “limit” is not a hard limit but an inconvenience to encourage paid subscriptions.† Subscriptions do NOT auto-renew, so you can comfortably choose when you want to renew. If a subscription is renewed before it expires, the time is added on to the end of the current subscription – there is NO penalty for renewing early. Administrators can log into expired accounts for up to a year, so you can renew your subscription only when you need it again – which is great for customers hosting only seasonal events. If you would like ivolunteer.com to disable an expired account just tell us.‡ “Unlimited” for a feature above means there is no hard limit at the account level; however, there may be event or task level practical “limitations” depending on an event’s design / layout. Ask support if you need assistance.

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