Adding and Canceling Participants

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This is Michelle with’s support team and I’m going to go over how to add and cancel participants in an event.

First go to the event and then select the Manage tab. To add a participant, click on the “Add” button. Put in the participant’s email address, first and last name, and any other information required. When all the information is filled in, click the “Add” button.

You will then see a window saying the volunteer has been “Confirmed By Administrator”, listing the volunteer’s name, and the event they are volunteered for. You can choose on this window to send the volunteer a notification email, or just click “OK” to continue.

To add a volunteer who is already in your database, you can click on the “Add From DB” button instead of the “Add” button. This brings up the list of all of your participants in your database. You can search by name, email, or choose from one of your database groups. Check the box next to the name of the participant or participants you would like to add to the slot, and then click “Ok.” You will see the window letting you know that all volunteers have been added and confirmed for the position. You then have the option to send them all confirmation notification emails. 

Now you can see your volunteer who is signed up and confirmed. If you need to look for a specific volunteer, you can use the field above the signup sheet. Put in the name or email address of the volunteer you are looking for and click on the “Find Volunteer” button. You will then be able to see all slots the volunteer has signed up for.

If you need to cancel a participant, select their name in the manage tab. In the window you can choose to edit their information, send the confirmation notification again, move their information to another slot, or cancel their volunteering using the buttons below. 

Click on the “Cancel Volunteering” button to cancel the participant. This will bring up a window to allow you to just cancel their slot, to cancel and send the participant a notification, or to deny the cancellation. 

Thank you for watching and for using, the best way to sign up your volunteers online!