Adding Basic Custom Prompts

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Hi, this is Michelle with’s Support Team.  I’m going to show you how to add some basic custom prompts to an Event.

Prompts can be found and managed in the Event Settings tab and show up when a participant goes to sign up for a slot, asking the participant for their Email address, their First Name, and their Last Name.  You can also add Custom Prompts, which you can use to gather specific information for the Event your participants are signing up for or to populate your Database with information your participants provide.

To start, we’re going to add a prompt for finding participants T-shirt sizes.  To do this, I’m going to click on the Add Prompt button.  Label your prompt with the information you want to receive from your participants.  You can add a short description down here, as well.  To make the prompt required for signing up for the task, make sure this checkbox is selected.  Next you can choose the type of prompt.  You can choose from a general text area prompt, a number, a date a dropdown menu, a checkbox, an email address, a phone number, or assign someone to a database group.  The easiest way to pick t-shirt sizes is to use the DROPDOWN menu type.  Then you can create your list values.  When you are finished creating your prompt, click “Ok”.

Now, let’s create a prompt that links to your database.  This will allow the information entered in the prompt to update the linked field in your database.  Click on the Add Prompt button again.  I’m going to need phone numbers from my participants, so we’ll go to the Link to Database dropdown menu and choose the “Primary Phone” option.  This will bring up a dialogue asking if you would like to change the label of your prompt to match the label of the field you are linking to.  To change the label, click “Yes”.  To skip this and keep your original label, or create your own, click “No.”  If you clicked “Yes” and decide to create your own prompt label after all, you can go back and change the label.

When you link to a field in your database, this checkbox here will allow the information entered to overwrite any information already in that field in the database.  Unchecking this box will NOT allow the information input to overwrite a value already in the database.  This checkbox only applies when there is a value in the database field already.  If there is no value in the database field, the input from the prompt will fill the empty value in the database.

When you have selected which field of the database to link your prompt to, it will change the type of the prompt to what that field requires.  For Primary Phone, it will change the type to PHONE, and will allow for a 10-digit phone number to be entered in the prompt field.  When you are finished with your prompt, click “Ok”.  Make sure you save your changes when you finish creating your custom prompts.

To see the new prompts, go to the Preview tab. Then click on the “Volunteer” button. Here you can view how your prompts show up to your volunteers.

Thank you for watching and for using, the best way to sign up your volunteers online.