Adding Volunteers from Your Database

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Hi! I’m Michelle from’s Support Team and today I’m going to show you how to add multiple people to a slot from your database using the Manage tab.

After logging in as Administrator and navigating to your Event, click on the Manage tab.  Here you can add and remove volunteers manually, or through your Database.  To add volunteers from your Database, click on the “Add From DB” button here.  From here, you can select from all volunteers in your Database, or you can filter by group.  For this task, I only want my CPR certified members, so I will select the CPR Certified group.  This narrows your list down to only those in the group you have selected.  To select all volunteers from this group, click on the checkbox down here that says “Select All”.  When you’re finished selecting your volunteers, hit Ok.

This bring ups the window that says your volunteers are added and asks you if you would like to send them all Confirmation Notifications.  To send notifications, hit Yes.  To just add your volunteers without sending notifications, select No.  Your volunteers are now added.

Thank you for watching and for using, the best way to sign up your volunteers online!