Confirmation Notification Emails

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Hi, this is Michelle with, and today we’re going to go over how to set up and use Confirmation Notifications.

There are two types of confirmation emails: Required Confirmation and Confirmation Notification.

You can manage Required Confirmations and Confirmation Notifications in the Settings tab, Emails sub-tab under the heading “Volunteer Emails.”

Required Confirmation emails will only be sent when an email address needs to be confirmed. Depending on the Confirmation Mode, Required Confirmation emails may or may not be sent to your volunteers.

There are three different Confirmation Modes: 

  • Confirmation Required Once is the default setting and will only send an email to volunteers if their email has never been confirmed with
  • Confirmation Always Required will send an email every time someone signs up for the event whether or not the email address has been confirmed before.
  • Confirmation Never Required will never send a Required Confirmation Email to your volunteers. This setting should really only be used when you are not concerned about collecting email addresses.

Required Confirmation for each event can be edited using the Required Confirmation Template

Confirmation Notifications will send to volunteers once they have confirmed for a slot.

Confirmation Notifications can be edited using the Confirmation Notification Template.

By default the confirmation notification is optional for each volunteer when they sign up for a new slot.

To always send Confirmation Notifications to your volunteers, click on this checkbox that says “Always send Confirmation Notification.”

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