Creating a New Event (Classic Way)

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Hi everyone, this is Michelle with

Today I’m going to show you how to set up an Event.

We’re starting at the Organization Dashboard, which is shown every time you log in.  We’re going to go to the top menu and click on Events.

This is the Events menu.  Here you can view, add, edit, arrange, and remove all of your Events.  As we don’t currently have an Event, we’re going to click on the Add button to make a new Event.

Name your Event and put in the Unique ID. The Unique ID is the part of the URL that allows your volunteers to go directly to the Signup Sheet.

Add Your Event Start and End Dates, as well as your Signup Start and End Dates and click OK. 

This is your New Event. It is currently Inactive, which you can see by checking the Activate and Deactivate buttons at the top of the page.

You can edit the name and Unique ID of your event, as well as all the other information. You can also choose which Home Page your want your event to show up on when it is active.

Now we’ll move on to the Signup Design tab. Click on the Add Task button to get started designing.  This opens the Create a New Task menu.  You have three options for creating a new task: Create a blank Task, Create a Task that spans 1 or more weeks, and Create a Task that represents a calendar month. Choose which one works best for your event.

Make sure the Task Title represents what your volunteers will be doing. 

Check the Task Date Option, and make sure to edit the dates as necessary for your event. If the Task Date Option is “Task is on one day” then all scheduled emails will go out relative to the date in the field beside the option menu. Our video on How Dates Work goes over this in more detail.

Change the number of volunteers needed as well as the numbers of rows and columns you want in your task. Then click OK.

This is your Task.  Here you can edit the Task Title and add a Sub-Title or Short Description to better let your volunteers know what they are signing up for. You can also click the Task Instructions button and add formatted instructions.

If you expand More Task Options, you can further customize your Task by adding Group Restrictions, changing the way the Task is oriented by using Pivot Task, and editing the Terminology for this Task.

With these fields, you can limit your volunteers’ signup ability within the Task. The checkboxes allow you to change the way your Task is displayed on the Signup Sheet.

You can edit information in the Column and Row Headers, including adding extra text, making shifts, and if your Task Date Option allows, changing the Dates the Column or Row represents. Make sure to save your progress.

To view your Signup Sheet, click on the Preview tab.  This shows you what your Event will look like when people have clicked on it, showing the Tasks and the filled and available slots for signup. 

When you are satisfied with the way your Event looks, click the Activate button to make your Event visible.

Now you can send the link in an email and publish it on your website, your Facebook page, or any other social networking site you use, so your volunteers can start signing up.

Thank you for watching and for using, the best way to sign up your volunteers online!

We hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. If you have additional questions, please contact us or check our Administration Help Guide in the Support section of our website.