Creating a Signup Opportunity with the New Event Wizard

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In this video, we’ll step you through an easy way to set up your signups: with the New Event Wizard.

In, a signup opportunity is called an Event. Events are flexible groupings of signup tasks and slots. They don’t have to be about a literal event. For example, you might have a “register to volunteer” Event or a “self-report volunteer hours” Event.

The wizard uses signup templates to streamline the steps of setting up your Event. We’ve created templates to do much of the work for you.

This is the Events menu. Here you can view, add, edit, arrange, and remove your Events.

When you click Add, you will go directly into the wizard. If you’re a pro at Event setup, you can choose “Classic New Event” instead, but we recommend giving the wizard a try!

First, the wizard will ask you some questions to narrow down your template choice. If you’re not sure of the answers or if you want to see all the templates, you can skip this step. Click Next.

The template list includes descriptions to help you make your choice. You can also filter by Category or Keyword. Click in each of those boxes to see the options. The Basic Volunteering Event template is a good place to start if none of the other templates seems to fit your opportunity.

Suppose you need to sign up players for a sports pick-up game. Select the Sports category. Then click on the Sports Pick-Up Game template. Click Next.

On the Basics tab, enter the date of the game.

If you’d like, you can customize the Event ID. This ID will become part of the URL address of your signup opportunity. But it’s also fine to leave the default ID.

Optionally, you can add an Organization and/or an Event logo to appear at the top of your signup page.

If necessary, edit the general instructions that will be shown to your participants.

Note that each step of the wizard includes a More Options section. Click the gear to see and edit more settings for that step. For example, on Basics, you may want to change when signups end or whether players are allowed to self-cancel their signups. You can also set the primary contact for your event or opportunity.

Click Next.

The Prompts step includes information your participants will be asked to enter when they sign up. Email and First & Last Name are required to sign up for any slot in ivolunteer. Click Add Prompt to collect other types of info.

Suppose you need participants to agree to a waiver. Select that prompt type. If the waiver terms are longer than one line, you can upload a PDF for your participants to read and agree to. Click Add or upload terms or waiver. Upload a new PDF or select one from your file library. Click Add Prompt. Note that you can edit the prompt label on this screen.

Click More Options to review other Prompts settings, including privacy settings for display of the players’ names. Click Next.

The Tasks step includes some sample sports. Click the minus sign next to any you want to remove. Click Add Sport to add a new one.

Click More Options to review other settings, including how your Task groupings will display.

Click Next.

The Slots step lets you customize positions, game times, and players per slot. Other templates will present different options tailored to other signup needs.

Click More Options to change how each sport’s Task displays. You can also add instructions specific to this Task.

Click Next to proceed to the next sport’s settings.

Almost done! The Email step lets you customize and schedule the reminder email that players will receive a specific number of days before the game. Click Edit/Schedule to see the available options.

The all-caps text in brackets are variables. These dynamically insert information such as the player’s name and the slot they signed up for. You can find more variables in the Insert Variable dropdown list, but we’ve added the basics for you.

Click Save to save your email changes.

You can also schedule additional emails here. Scheduled Reminder and Thank-You emails are available with Free and Standard subscriptions. On-demand emails, such as invitations to sign up, require a Premium subscription.

Click Next. Read through the Considerations and Next Steps section for tips on fine-tuning and managing your signup Event.

Click Finish. You’re done! However, you can make further changes as needed in your Event settings.

When you are ready to start signing up participants, click the Activate button.

Send your event URL to your participants, use the QR code on printed materials, or direct people to the home page where this event is listed.

Thanks for watching!