Creating and Managing Emails

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Hi everyone, this is Michelle with’s support team. Let’s go over how to create and manage your emails. offers several different types of emails you can send to your volunteers. You can send invitations for your event, create and send reminders for your volunteers, and even thank you emails to be sent after your event has finished.

Let’s start with the Invitation emails. Once you have finished setting up your event and made it active on your Home Page, you can go to the Send Emails tab of the event. There you will see two tabs, one for Invitations to Volunteer, and the other for Reminders and Thank Yous. Click on the

Invitations to Volunteer tab if it is not already selected and then click the Send or Schedule button in the upper lefthand corner of the Send Email tab.

This button opens up a menu to create an invitation to your volunteers to come help with this event. You can send it now by clicking this button, or schedule it by choosing a date and a time after clicking this button. Choose who your invitation goes to by selecting All Database Participants, or by selecting certain groups within your database.

Use the Invitation template as a starting point for your first invitation email. You can customize this email however you like. Once you’re ready you can send yourself a test email, save the template, or go ahead and schedule it.

Once your volunteers have started signing up, you can send them reminder emails about their position, along with any pertinent information about their slot. This is done from the Reminders/Thank Yous tab. You can schedule emails to go out at a certain point prior to your volunteers’ slots, or you can send the reminder as soon as possible for important last-minute changes or updates to your event.

Similarly, the Thank Yous can be scheduled to go out a certain time after your volunteer has participated. These can also be affected by Tracking Attendance for your event, so that only those who have attended the event will receive a Thank You email.

If an event is copied, the scheduled emails will also be copied. Please make sure to check all scheduled emails when copying a past event to make sure the details and times are correct.

Thank you for watching and for using!

We hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. If you have additional questions, please contact us or visit our Support Forum.