Database Introduction

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Hi, this is Michelle with’s Support Team, and today I’m going to show you around our Database feature.

The Database can be accessed by Primary Administrators and Organization level Administrators.

 The database stores basic information about your volunteers or other participants:

  • email
  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • notes
  • and more.

It can help you manage your participants by allowing you to

  • create groups of participants
  • promote an event to participants
  • and even restrict Event Tasks to select groups of participants.

Your database is populated by your participants.  Whenever someone signs up for an event, they are automatically added to your database.  You can also manually add volunteers to the database one at a time.

Here is the main Database.

In the Database, you can sort your participants alphabetically by first name, by last name, by email address, by their primary phone number, and by their last activity.  To do this, just click on the column you wish to sort by, like this.

To add participants manually, simply click the “Add” button.  Fill in their email address, their first name and last name, and any other information you need from them.  When you’re finished, click “Save”.  This will only need to be done very rarely, as participants will populate your database when they sign up for events.

To edit a participant’s basic information, click on the “More…” button next to their name.  Here you can add their phone number and a secondary phone number, the company they work for, their address, and any notes you have for them, like if they have a secondary email address, past attendance to events they have signed up for, or any other extra information you might need to know.

With a Premium account, you can also create and populate custom database fields to store other information about your participants.

With a Standard or Premium account, you can integrate BackgroundCheckology™ background checks with your ivolunteer database.

Thank you for watching and for using, the best way to sign up your volunteers online!