Filters & Sort Order

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Hi this is Michelle with’s support team, and I want to show you how to Filter and Sort your Events.

First, go to your Events menu. Above the list of your events, there are two links: 

  • Filters & Sort Order and
  • Clear Filter(s)

If you already have a filter on your Event list, it will say Events (filtered) above the list of your Events. To get rid of all filters, click on Clear Filters. This will allow you to see all of your events on all of your organization’s home pages.

If you have a lot of Events, you may want a more focused list. To add filters and change the sort order, click on Filters & Sort Order.

The default Sort Order is Natural (order created) and shows your events in the order they were created. If you click on the dropdown menu, you can change this order to Name, Start Date or to Start Date, Name depending on what works best for you. As soon as an option is selected, the list will automatically sort the events into the order chosen.

If you know the name or partial name of an event, you can use the Name Filter to show only events with that name or partial name. For example, if I  start typing in the word “show” the list automatically starts to filter out any events without the word or name I am typing in.

You can further filter your list by choosing the status of the event with this dropdown menu. You can choose from All Events, Current Events, Active Current Events, In-Active Current Events, or Only Past Events. To see any past events, select All Events, which will show me a list of every event I have created, or select Only Past Events, which will show only past events.

If your Organization has multiple home pages, you will have the Home Page Filter. The Home Page Filter is helpful for finding an event on a specific home page. When you click on the dropdown menu, you see the list of your Organization’s home pages, as well as an option for any events that are Hidden and only accessible by the URL. To see any events on your Primary Home Page, select that home page from the list.

Any combination of these filters can make it easier to find the event you are looking for.  When you log out, any Filters and Sort Order you leave up will be saved for the next time you log in.

Thank you for watching and for using, the best way to sign up your volunteers online!