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Hi, this is Michelle with’s Support Team, and today I will be going over some of the key reports within

Primary Administrators can run reports from two places, the Organization Menu Reports tab and from a selected event’s Reports tab. They are in both locations for convenience, and run the same reports.

Event Administrators with DESIGN or REPORTING permissions can run reports after selecting an event and then clicking on the Reports Tab. Event Administrators can only run reports across events that they can access.

The Signup Sheet report creates a printable copy of the Signup Sheet you have designed online.

The Sign In Sheet report creates a paper sign in sheet that makes it easy to keep track of volunteers as they show up for their shifts at your event.

A One Slot Per Row report creates a comprehensive listing of each and every slot in your event, showing details for volunteers currently signed -up in slots.

The Participants report creates a listing of your participants, either adding up the number of hours each participant is signed-up for int he event, or showing which slots each participant is signed up for. This report will also highlight whether there are any time conflicts for a participant who has signed up for multiple slots.

Other reports within include the Activity Log and Name Badges reports. Also, from the Organization menu Reports tab, you can run an Administrators report, which can only be run by the Primary Administrator.

To run a report, I’ll click the Events menu and then click the “reports” tab. By clicking on the “report” field dropdown list, I can select our desired report. I’ll choose “One Slot Per Row.”

The One Slot Per Row report can be used to obtain a complete listing of every slot int he event, view which slots are filled or need to be filled, and view detailed information provided by your volunteers. It’s important to note that the set of choices offered for “Format,” “Sort/Group,” “Page Size” and “Options” may be different for each of the reports.

For our report, I’ll choose the PDF format. This format is most useful for printing a default listing. Alternatively, the Excel format is best for those familiar with using Excel and wanting to further customize the data before printing. The Excel format can also be used to filter rows or columns, sort and search the data, and complete additional analysis using your event and volunteer data.

Clicking on the “Sort/Group” field allows me to sort the report primarily by either the Event or Date. When I’m including multiple events in one report or when the event spans multiple days, this selection provides a powerful way to enhance how I view the slots. The “Page Size” field is relevant when choosing the PDF format. While this report provides just one “Page Size” option, other reports offer additional choices in the dropdown list. If your event or events span multiple dates, you may wish to set the date the report will start “From” and run “To.”

Many reports have “Options” specific to the report. For One Slot Per Row, checking “include unfilled slots” will include a record even for unfilled slots, showing “empty” volunteer information for those records. As with the Page Size dropdown, any checkbox options dealing with page breaks only apply to the PDF format. We’ll click “Run Report.”

As you can see, the One Slot Per Row report opens in a separate browser window. This may be slightly different depending on which browser you are using. From here, we can print the report or save the file to our computer.

To include more than one event, we can run the One Slot Per Row report and select all of the events you wish to include.

If necessary, we could also choose from past events by checking the “Show Past Events” box.

We’ll keep the default settings and select the events we want included in the report from the “Events List.” I’ll then click the “Run Report” button.

Thank you for watching this video, and for using, the best way to sign up your volunteers online!