Restricting Tasks by Groups

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Hi, I’m Michelle with’s Support Team, and today I’m going to show you how to limit your volunteers for an Event Task by Group, such as by CPR certification.

 First, let’s go to our Event Signup Sheet Design tab.  I’ve got my tasks already set up, but i need to restrict my Chaperones task to only the people in my CPR Certified group.  To do this, click on More Task Options here.  Then click on the Group Restrictions button.  This opens a window for you to choose who is allowed or disallowed to sign up for this task based on group.  To restrict this position to only allow people in my CPR Certified Group, I will choose “Allow” under Restriction, and “CPR Certified”, under Group.

 You can also edit the message that will be shown to restricted volunteers when they go to sign up for this Task here.  To finish, select Ok.

 To Add another Restriction, select the Group Restrictions button once more, then click on the Add Restriction button here.  I don’t want any of the Seniors who will be graduating to sign up for this Task, so I will select “Disallow” under Restriction, and then my Group “Seniors.”  When I’m finished, I will click Ok.  With both of these restrictions, any of my CPR Certified Members who are NOT Seniors will be able to sign up for this Task.

 Restrictions do not apply in the Manage tab for Administrators, and the Task Restriction message is only shown to restricted volunteers when they are signing up in the Signup Sheet.

 The Task Restriction message will appear when someone who is not qualified to sign up for the Task based on your Restrictions attempts to sign up.  To show you, I’m going to go to the Signup Sheet for this Event, go to the Task and click the Volunteer button.  I’ll fill in my information, and then click Volunteer.  This brings up the Task Restriction message, informing your volunteer to contact the Event Contact for more information.

 Thank you for watching and for using, the best way to sign up your volunteers online!