Running an Activity Log Report

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In this video, we’ll show you how to run an activity log report within

The Activity Log allows us to see the most recent activity for an event, including:

  • When an event is saved and who saved it
  • When someone confirms or cancels an event
  • When an e-mail is sent for the event, and
  • When an e-mail bounces back to the system for the event

To get started, we’ll click the Organization menu and then click the “Reports” tab.

Here, we can select the desired report and output format.

We’ll select “Activity Log” from the “Report” field dropdown list.

We can output the Activity Log data in HTML, PDF, or Excel spreadsheet formats. We’ll select “HTML.”

All Activity Log data is sorted by date and displayed in “Letter” size.

In the “Date Range” field we can choose to limit our date range. We’ll choose this option which opens “From:” and “To:” fields. We can select our desired dates using the calendar or by typing into the fields.

We want to include “Participant” and “Administrative Activity” so we’ll leave these two boxes checked.

We only have one event to choose from. However, if there were several events listed, we could select more than one to include in the report. Additionally, we could list them in the order they were created, by name, or by start date using this dropdown list.

If necessary, we could also choose from past events by checking the “Show Past Events” box.

We’ll select our Charity Basketball Game to be included in the report and then click the “Run Report” button.

As you can see, the Activity Log report opens in a separate browser. From here, I can print the report or save the file to my computer.

The report shows the date and time of the activity, the activity level, such as “INFO,” “WARNING,” or “ERROR,” and a description of the activity. Whenever an email is sent or bounces back to the system, an e-mail address is also included.

We can also run reports within the Events menu. To do so, we’ll click the Events menu and then select our event from the “Events List.” We’ll then click the “Reports” tab.

The Events menu “Reports” tab is different from that in the Organization menu in two ways. First, as we can see by clicking on the “Report” field dropdown list, the Administrator report is not available within this menu. Also, since we have already selected an event, no additional events can be included in the report.

We hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. If you have additional questions, please contact us or visit our Support Forum.