Sending Promotion Emails

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Hi, this is Michelle with’s Support Team and today I’m going to show you how to schedule emails from your database to promote your Home Page or Event.

First, go to your main Database, then click on the Email tab.  Here you can schedule, edit and remove emails to send to the participants in your Database.  To schedule an email, click the Schedule button here.

You can now select a date and time for your email to go out to your participants.  To send it out as soon as possible, click the checkbox here.  Make sure when selecting a date you choose a date and a time in the future.  Selecting a date or time in the past will not complete the fields properly.

Select who to send the email to.  You can choose from All Database Participants, or from any groups you have created.  I want to send this email to all my participants.

Now, to compose your email, you can choose from existing templates, or you can create a new template.  Since I do not have any existing Templates, I will need to create a new one by clicking this button here.  One of the reasons for sending emails to your database participants is to inform them of new events coming up.  For instance, I have a CPR training night coming up that I would like my participants to sign up for.  So I will create a template to invite them to the CPR Training Night event.  Click OK to create your template.

Now we can begin to author this email.  Any fields with a red asterisk are required, so don’t forget to fill those in.

For the body of our email, we have several buttons to change the style, format, lists and indentations, as well as add links and pictures.  To add a link to the Event you want people to sign up for, click on the button with a Capital E over a link, here.  Then choose the Event you wish to link to.  Click OK when you’ve selected the Event you wish to include.

You can also add a link to your Homepage by clicking the button with a capital H over  a link, here.  Select the Homepage you wish to add, and then click OK.

If you just want to save this template so you can come back and work on it later, click the “Save Template” button here.  To send a test email to yourself, click the “Send Test Email” button here.  This will send a test email to the administrator email address you logged in with.

Now you can schedule your email by clicking on the Schedule button here.  This brings up an agreement that your volunteers or participants will be expecting to receive email from should not be used to send any unsolicited email or spam.  You are also limited to how many emails you will be able to send depending on your subscription.  Click “Yes” to agree.

Your email is now scheduled to go out.  To make any changes to your template or the schedule, click on the “Edit” button here.

Thank you for watching and for using, the best way to sign up your volunteers online!