Warning that the page is not saved

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Warning that the page is not saved

I know that you provide lots of encouragement on every page to save when changes are made. I also know that it doesn't always happen. I have left a page without saving and then an hour later looked for my change and it isn't there. When I go back the change is also gone (sometimes). Is there any thought to giving a short reminder to 'save' whenever we try to leave a page where a change has been made?

It also seems that clicking 'save' on one page will save changes on all pages that were not previously saved (but not consistently). If that is true it can catch you off guard when you don't save on purpose - ie you decided to retain the previous version.

Clicking save on one page

Clicking save on one page will save all pages for the event you are working on at the time. Or, if you are on the Organization menu, it will save just the Organization settings. If you move between events without saving, you will lose any changes on the event. We acknowledge this is inconvenient and we do have a relatively high priority ticket to address it.