Benefits & Features is an easy, effective way to sign up volunteers for events and to manage volunteer scheduling. Just publish your event through email or on your website and will take care of the rest. makes managing a clumsy signup list a thing of the past.

Your staff will save time, increase participation, and have greater confidence that volunteers will fulfill their commitments.


  • Easy and Scalable: Create simple single-date events or multi-date, multi-task events. Supports multiple administrators.
  • Reusable: Design sign-up sheets once. Reuse them as many times as needed.
  • Clarity: No more confusion over who has signed up for what because everyone views the same sign-up sheets over the internet.
  • Convenience: Volunteers don't have to create accounts with user IDs or passwords.
  • Security: Volunteers are verified to be legitimate through a confirmation e-mail they receive when they sign up. They must click a link in the e-mail to confirm. Optionally allow volunteers to cancel online as easily as they signed up.
  • Confidentiality: The system is confidential. Only your administrator(s) can view volunteers' full contact information. We do not share your volunteers with anyone. We do not display ads or market anything to your volunteers.
  • Advanced Customization: Flexible sign-up sheet designs. Customize your organization's iVolunteer home page, header and instructions for each event. Upload logos and PDF documents. Prompt volunteers for custom information. Change "volunteer" terminology. Allow self-cancellations.
  • Advanced E-mail: Completely customizable e-mail that can be sent on-demand or automatically relative to sign-up dates. Administrators can receive e-mail notifications of sign-ups, cancellations, and more.
  • Advanced Reporting: Sign-Up, Sign-In, Participant, Activity and other Reports are all optimized for HTML, PDF, and Excel. Run consolidated reports across multiple events.
  • Attendance Tracking: Record attendance in real-time on the web site or manually using the Sign-In report on paper or in Excel. Track hours calculated by the system or create your own hours/points scheme.