The Organization Details section in the Organization menu starts with an Account tab that allows you to modify your organization’s name, primary contact, and address.

* = required

  • Organization Name*: how your organization will appear to volunteers throughout the system.
  • Unique ID: This is the ID you created when you signed up. It’s used primarily as the¬†first part of your URL, i.e.
    You cannot edit this field. If you wish to change your organization’s unique ID, please send an email to
  • Website: Your organization’s published web address (if one exists). This is where volunteers should go if they wan to learn more about your organization than what’s available at

Primary Administrator & Contact

Note: The primary contact for the organization is also the primary administrator of for the organization.

  • First Name*: first name of the primary contact.
  • Middle Initial: The middle initial or middle name of the primary contact.
  • Last Name*: The last name of the primary contact.
  • Phone: The phone number where the primary contact can be reached.
  • Email*: The email address where the primary contact can be reached. This is also the login user id for the primary administrator.
  • Confirm Email*: Used to verify the email address that was entered to help prevent typos.
  • New Password: used to create a new password for the primary contact/administrator.
  • New Password Confirm: Used to verify the new password to help prevent typos. (Required when creating a new password.)
  • Notification Email Frequency: Indicates how often the primary administrator will receive notification emails.

Organization Address

  • Country*: Country where the organization is located.
  • Street Address: Street address of the organization.
  • City*: City or locality of the organization.
  • State/Province*: State or province of the organization.
  • Zip/Postal Code*: Postal code where the organization is located.

Billing Contact & Address

This section includes the same address fields as above with the addition of name, phone, and email fields for the organization’s billing contact.